Monster Fruit

2014-12-23 19:37:23 by SwedishPlumTrees


Howdy everyone. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and spends time with the people who matter in their lives. I've started experimenting with pixel art, and it's so cute and happy. It's a nice change of pace from regular animation. For the past 6 months, I've been working on a big project that features the cute monster below. The cartoon is nearing the 5 minute mark, and I should be done within a month or two. This is one of the more fully fleshed out stories I've done, and I'm hoping it comes out well. So look out for that around February.  Anyone have any cool pixel-type art that they know about or even make themselves? Lemme know.  Also, you can catch the gif of the picture below, here 


Take care guys, and happy holidays.



Improvements !

2013-10-22 22:25:54 by SwedishPlumTrees

So, since last post, things in my life have gone pretty alright. I basically said "fuggit," told my shit roommate off, got a new one, went home, saw family, came back, new roommate is a million times better, getting good grades, and now I actually have time to work on animation again :D Life is seeming to go pretty alright for the time being. Although, I did make one fatal mistake...I might've mentioned transferring to a new college...which basically sent a disturbance into the brains of faculty all around the school so that they could flood my email and ask me nonstop why I'm transferring.

But! Enuffa that. Baby and Thing 2 is in planning stages, which nobody cares about. Check out funny comic :D

Improvements !

College sucks.

2013-10-09 23:02:50 by SwedishPlumTrees

Firstly, my newest video is here

Also, I'm not usually about the whole "blog" crap because I usually don't give a shit about what other people post, so it's only safe to assume that nobody gives a shit what I have to say. However, writing does feel good, and it feels even better when there's the off-chance that somebody else may read it.

I moved into my college dorm back in August, and it's been fantastic! Besides having no friends, my roommate being a complete douche, and suicidal thoughts slowly taking over. I feel sort of trapped. This dorm room is just a trap, I feel. The administrators sold me on the school, and basically, I'm stuck. Believe me, I'm far luckier than many, given the opportunity to even go to college. However, when your roommate is puking on the floor because he likes to "get fucked up", or getting locked out of your room because he needs to "talk" to his ugly cunt of a girlfriend, or basically being tricked into thinking you'd be taking animation begins to take its toll on you.

I mean, animation calms my nerves. It's great. It allows me to free my mind, and even discuss certain things. But, lately, it's like my mind is just saying to turn around and go home. I shouldn't be doing this. I wasn't meant for this. When I found animation, it was like a godsend. I was lost in highschool, wondering about my future. Animation was basically a total surprise (an awesome one). I felt like my life had purpose. Like I was actually worth something. I never did get very good grades in high school. Atleast compared to others. And college is turning out the same way. Lackluster. But animation has always been there. But now, with this sinking feeling, this little notion telling me "you weren't meant for this", I feel lost. What makes it worse is there is nobody to talk to. Talking to a professor would just feel weird to me, because there's always the sneaking suspicion that everything they do is just an attempt to sell you on something.

Maybe they are, maybe it's bullshit. But I just hope that something better comes along.

Some stuff from a new toon I'm working on.

Starting work on new thing...